Welcome to the Law Office of Lisa Rice, P.C.

Lisa Rice focuses on helping her clients protect their families and businesses from taxes, creditors, incapacity, probate and uncertainty. She has been practicing law for more than 16 years and now works exclusively in the areas of asset protection, estate planning for families and closely held businesses, estate administration and probate. She cares about her clients and uses a wide variety of up-to-date and uniquely effective estate planning techniques to help protect them and their families from emotional and financial catastrophe.

Lisa became involved in estate planning after seeing how an inadequate estate plan resulted in the loss of three-quarters of her grandmother’s assets to estate and capital gains taxes. On top of it all, the family spent four years in litigation, paying more than $150,000 in legal fees and $44,000 in probate costs. The proper legal agreements could have saved much of her grandmother’s assets from going to the government, saved the loss of the family ranch and prevented the bitter dispute that almost tore the family apart. Lisa is dedicated to making sure that none of her clients ever has to go through what her family went through.